About us

Already for 10 years our company is one of the leaders in the market  of mixed fodders and feed  additives.  During this time we have a  huge number of 
regular customers who give us confidence that our products are of excellent quality.
In spite of this, we  are  always ready  to  cooperate  with new customers and help them to achieve high results in animal husbandry.
As before, the main thing for us is client-orientedness and maintaining 100% naturalness of the product, which allows us to be sure of what we are doing


Long-term experience in the production of fodder yeast helps us to react as efficiently and quickly as possible to any wishes of customers, as well as to 
reduce the cost of production, which in the final result guarantees the best price in the yeast fodder market.
Long-term and successful cooperation with large carriers is a  guarantee  that  we  can  deliver  to  any  corner  of  the world at the lowest prices for the 
Periodic certification and laboratory research allow us to maintain the high quality of our products and compliance with all environmental standards.
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