Yeast fodder forage (protein-fodder mixture)


Fine powder of light brown or brown color.


The protein feed mixture (BCS) is a source of protein and exchange energy in rations of farm animals and birds, fur animals. The content of crude protein in the range 46-48%

Food qualities:

The protein feed mix is ​​a source of nitrogen, protein, vitamins and trace elements. The natural combination in nutritional supplements of high-grade proteins and vitamins is extremely important in feeding animals and poultry.

Fodder protein contains vitamins of group B, closely associated with protein metabolism in the body of animals, macro and trace elements (phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium). The effectiveness of the use of fodder protein, along with the best traditional additives - meal and fodder yeast, is an environmentally friendly and safe fodder product.

The protein of the feed mixture is assimilated by the organism of the animal by 85-90%, which is higher than that of the protein of cereals, oil cake and bran. Thanks to this, the use of BCS as a feed additive in the production of mixed fodders improves the productivity of animals and poultry, reduces the mortality of young animals, enhances the propagation function, while simultaneously reducing total feed costs by 10-15%


In the production of mixed fodders, as well as feed additives in rations of farm animals (cattle, pigs, horses, sheep) and farm birds (chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys), fur animals.

It is allowed to feed the pregnant and sowing sows, milking and high-performance cows, breeding mare and female fur-bearing animals.

With other components of mixed fodder does not interact, enriches the feed with protein, amino acids, minerals, B vitamins.


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